Jon & I took my little cousin Audrey to the zoo today! This was her first time being taken out without one of her parents, so I'm very glad that my Aunt trusted us enough to steal her for the day. She was the best little nugget ever and we're proud to say that not a single tear was shed while under our watch. Lol! Im tellin ya, I've never met another toddler more chill than her... She warmed up to Jon instantly! Within 10 minutes of arriving to the zoo, she was already in Jon's arms, admiring all the animals with excitement. Jon, being someone who is not around children often, was super excited to see her comfortably grabbing onto his hand all day. The day consisted of the two of them bonding, while I took all the alternate ramp routes to push the empty stroller up & down. Haha! We ended the day with letting her pick out a stuffed animal from the gift shop. She chose the cute little lion she's gripping onto in the last picture. We all had such a nice day together and I look forward to taking out this little pea again. Hmmm... Where to next?

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