Whether it be in times of extreme hopelessness or absolute joy, writing has always been my special outlet. Wherever I'd go, I'd have my journal handy- constantly documenting daily events and the overwhelming thoughts that occupied my mind... Arranging my cluttered thoughts into words has been essential for maintaining my mental clarity. It is in this mindful practice that I am able to better understand not only myself, but also the world around me. We cannot blindly go through life without taking these frequent moments to acknowledge what we feel and further investigate why we feel such ways...  'Better by letters' signifies the personal growth and discovery I find through writing. The creation of this blog catapults me out of my comfort zone, as I no longer hide behind the privacy of my journal. Letter by letter... I transform the energy within me into words to be shared with you all. It has been a distant goal for years; so it brings me great excitement to finally bring this baby to life! Enjoy!

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